About Us

Ron Baker has spent the last two decades serving prisoner needs with paralegal support in the area of post-conviction law. Inmates are often given poor legal assistance by attorneys and/or law clerks who may be well-meaning, but do not have adequate experience in the niche areas of criminal appellate and post-conviction law.

Florida has some of the most complex legal procedures in the nation regarding post-conviction law, so navigating these rules is often very difficult without extensive experience in this area of the law. Regardless of the reasoning, the prisoner who receives substandard legal representation, and their families, are the ones who suffer. Some of the finest people we have ever met are currently imprisoned for unlawful convictions, excessive sentences, and/or overlooked exculpatory facts. This situation has impassioned Ron to create Prisoner Connections, LLC; he chose the name intentionally. He created this company to "connect prisoners" to affordable and effective resources. All comprehensive case reviews performed by Prisoner Connections are supervised by Florida lawyers who Ron has successfully worked with that he knows to be highly competent in the specific areas of law applicable to prisoners' specific needs. To ensure all clients receive superior professional representation, through his long-standing partnerships with successful attorneys, Ron continues to provide superior paralegal services to those under sentence to prison, or on probation, at very competitive rates. However, we are not attorneys, nor a lawyer referral service; for that, you should contact the Florida Bar Association.

Ron Baker was incarcerated in Florida for 25 years. During his journey, he became impassioned with the law, became a law clerk, obtained a paralegal degree, and assisted hundreds of prisoners to get out of prison, get new trials, and reduce their sentences. With 22 years of criminal post-conviction and appellate litigation experience, and over 55 published decisions to his credit, he was released from prison in 2013 with the goal to form a company designed to connect the prison population in Florida to competent, affordable legal representation. That goal has now been accomplished.